3 ways to ensure your AC has a burglar safe installation

By: admin@esoperadores.com On: 2016-09-28


There are many ways when your AC units are at risk of being stolen or damaged, due to any illegal activity of hazardous conditions. In most cases, people think that only window AC units are subjected to the risk of burglar problems. It is sometime because they fit into a window where they can easily be removed by the burglars. But it should be made clear that, any kind of AC, either it is a split system or a window AC has to be fixed in a way that is not easy to be picked away or safe for theft. In order to counter this issue, you can either make use of your common sense or can also supplement your decision through air conditioning installation services. Due to the fact that air conditioner installation service providers that provide air conditioning installation Sydney, Australia, have plenty of experience in installing different kinds of AC units and systems and they are familiar with various building styles and possibilities. They can guide a lot better than any other person. For a safe and secure aircon installation, you must first locate a safe place to install your AC. To make sure it is safe, there are a lot of things you need to consider.

The first thing is that the spot should not be easy to reach for a common person. It should be out of the sight or out of reach and can only be accessed through a secure place that is within reach to the owner only. For window AC, it would be a little difficult to keep it safe if you need to install at a lower level or ground floor rooms. For this, you can make it sure it is safely fixed by a professional and is free of any issues and is not easily removable. For huge buildings it can be easier to make it safe and install safely as you have the options to install these at a height.

In case of split system installation, the chances of theft or burglary issues are far lower and these units can be safely installed with less risk of being stolen or damaged. It is because the fan unit can be located at places which are out of the sight, and the pipes and connection can be made secure through ducts installation.

Still, if there are any risks, you should spot and place the outdoor units on the roof or high enough from the ground level so that they are not easy to reach. Split systems are safe as compared to the window AC for the places where you cannot install a window AC for the sake of the security issues..